The Ribbon Retreat-Stacked Halloween Bow Tutorial

Stacked Halloween Bow

Hey friends, it’s Jess from! If you love making hairbows and headbands, The Ribbon Retreat has the BEST selection for ribbon out there! With so many options to mix and match, including DIY kits with coordinating ribbon, they’ve made it too easy to make the boutique bows YOURSELF for less! And can I mention FUN!?? In this tutorial, I’m sharing a super easy technique for creating a Stacked Halloween Bow. Check it out and then get yourself some ribbon to practice on at!


For this bow, I’ve stacked several different bow styles together. You can find all of these bow tutorials at if you need more details. But they are all simple bows that you can master in minutes. And when grouped together they make the cutest bows!


The Two Loop Bow (Tutorial HERE)


The Pinwheel Bow

Cut 3 ribbons the same size (about 4-6 inches each). Lay 2 of them down in the shape of an “X” and then lay the 3rd one across the middle. Poke some thread through the middle, pinch them all together accordian style and then wrap the thread around and secure with a double knot.


Tied Up Tulle


After you’ve made all of these individual bows, make sure you heat seal the ends so they don’t fray. (Click here if you need help!) start stacking them on top of eachother, starting with the biggest on the bottom and working your way up. You can use thread to secure and wrap around them or glue them together with hot glue. OR both!



For the middle, I take a long piece of ribbon and tie it around the whole stack in the center, making sure to tie the knot on the front of the bow and trim the ends so they blend into the rest of the bow. If you want a flat center, just place the ribbon on top of the front and glue at the back so you don’t have a bulging knot in the back where you will be gluing your clip to.



After some fiddling with pieces to get it sitting just the way you want it, you’re done! If there are pieces you aren’t happy with or there are uneven spots, you can always pinch down in the problem areas and hot glue pieces of ribbon down without any of that showing. Such a great trick for those stubborn pieces! Fingers crossed you don’t have any though, right?


Again, these are such easy bows once you get the hang of it and be sure to check out all the fun ribbon options from! There are so many other holidays coming up that you can make these for!


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