The Nightmare Before Christmas Art

Jack The Pumpkin King

Although many would disagree (the husband being one),  it wouldn’t be Halloween without The Nightmare Before Christmas! Tim Burton just knows how to do Halloween. I have been wanting to create something so I came up with this Nightmare Before Christmas Art piece of Jack the Pumpkin King! I knew there was no way Mr. Mommy Makes Things would allow me to hang it in our home because the show creeps him out. So I decided to paint it for my sister…she’s an even bigger fan than I am! Lucky girl…

I found a picture on Google that I liked and decided to recreate my own version. I always have some extra wood pieces laying around so I found the perfect size and went to work.

First I painted it in gray mixed with some streaks of black paint. I basically blended them together VERY lightly. Then I’ll be honest here, I painted this a year ago and I can’t remember what I did to create the scratchy lines. I think I grabbed a crusted over foam brush that was hard and then put SMALL amounts of paint on them and made strokes in different directions. After that dried, I used a tan/gray color to make a spiderweb shape. Then outlined with black.

Jack The Pumpkin King Jack The Pumpkin King

After adding the spiderweb lines above, I used a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

Then I hand painted the white head and neck. What makes this paint project easy is that the shapes don’t have to be perfect, crooked shapes are one of the signature looks of Tim Burton’s art!

Jack The Pumpkin King

Jack The Pumpkin King

To give it a little more character, I added some swirls with a chalk paint marker. Again, the more crooked the better!

Jack The Pumpkin King

Jack The Pumpkin King

I love how it turned out…and so did my sister! I just wish I could keep it for myself! He will love his new home.


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