Ana White Craft Table Knock Off


Ana White Craft Table

I’m a month late in posting this but I’m finally sharing the details for my big birthday present!!

We are BIG fans of Ana White’s free building plans. Like BIG big fans. We have quite a few projects under our belt and because of the simplicity of her plans, we (ok mostly Mr. Mommy Makes Things) have had enough experience to really make some fun alterations and even design some of our own plans. I’ve been wanting a crafting/sewing table for a long time. It’s a big dream of mine to have better organization…but MOSTLY to not take over our kitchen table, living room floor and wherever else to craft. I’m tired of dragging the mess all over the house. I’ve had my eye on the Ana White Craft Table for years. Here are some pictures of what it looks like.

Ana White Craft Table Knock Off

Doesn’t this just make your eyes happy??!!

Ana White Craft Table Knock Off

You can find the free plans to build this table HERE.

This table has all the features a crafter would love, but we are on a tight budget and even though the building cost is a lot less than purchasing a new one, it was still around $150. So to keep it under $100 we sketched out several different alteration ideas, including using MDF and skipping the front cube shelves. It was still a little high. So I came up with this idea.

We bought 2 of these Mainstays shelves from Walmart at $15 a piece. Online it says the price is $25 but in the store the regular price tag said $15. We chose this shelf because it was both wide enough and deep enough for the storage space I needed.

Walmart Bookshelf

After an easy assembly of the shelves, we decided to add some 1×2 pieces of wood to frame the front of the shelf to add additional support. Without it, the shelves are still a tiny bit wiggly (you get what you pay for), and we wanted to make sure it was a nice and sturdy piece! The framing helped SOOO much.


Ana White Craft Table

Next, we purchased a big piece of Birch Plywood from Lowe’s. They come in about a 4ft x 8ft size and we cut it down to 32in x 54in. You can do this at home or have them cut it for you there. You can also choose a more expensive wood or even find a white table top piece but we were really trying to do this on a budget. After that, we sanded it, stained it with Rustoleum Dark Walnut and then gave it several coats of Polyurethane. Before attaching it, we added a few of those 1×2 pieces of wood on the top of the shelving units to give it a little more height. Even adding a couple of inches helped.

Ana White Craft Table

Now, since we cut corners by not having the front cube storage, I still wanted/needed some extra storage space. The front was just plain and I knew I could come up with something to hold more in. I have been desperate for a place to hold my scissors and glue gun! I found some magazine/file storage baskets and spray painted them. Then we screwed them to the unit.Ana White Craft Table

I really like this side because I can fit a lot more in it.

Ana White Craft Table

I also love that I can store my sewing machine out of sight under the table! And any other random unfinished projects I’m working on can also be hidden under the table if I don’t want a nasty mess. I totally take advantage of that. In fact, I’m interested to see how long I actually keep all these shelves and baskets organized. So far so good but if I know me, crafting just gets sloppy. Am I right?

I also wanted to point out that underneath the table, on the backsides of the shelves, it was originally a brown cardboard piece. I just used some white acrylic paint on them and now they match perfectly. Not a must, but it definitely makes the table look like the real deal! It wasn’t complete until I did that!

Ana White Craft Table

I’ve had this table a month now and I can honestly tell you it has had plenty of lovin! Even the kids like it when I pull it out from the wall and let them color and play at the table with me. I am crazy about this table. This baby is staying in our family for a loooooong long time!!



  1. Diana says

    Nice! Do you have a link for the magazine holder? I’ve been looking for one with 3 spots, and can only seem to find 2.

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