DIY Dyed Bottle Brush Trees



Did you know you could dye Bottle Brush Christmas Trees? Oh, and did you know it’s SO easy? These would make the perfect Holiday Table Centerpiece!! Here’s how to make your own DIY Dyed Bottle Brush Trees

I bought a variety pack of the GREEN Bottle Brush Trees from Amazon because I made these early, but during the holidays you can find them in EVERY craft store! I filled up the sink in warm water and bleach. About 50/50 and let the trees soak for about 30 minutes to an hour.

pastel bottle brush trees

Pull them out and set them on a white towel or paper towels. They don’t need to dry before dying.

I used a large bowl with warm water for my dye. I started with a few drops at a time and set the trees in. Just play with it and take them out when they are the color you want. For purple, I mixed my blue and pink until I got the color of the water just right. The trees will take on the color fast so for some colors it only took a few seconds to get the color the way I wanted so don’t leave them in long unless you’re going for bold colors.

pastel bottle brush trees

Then, I let mine dry out by the window.




Are these fun or what???!!

pastel bottle brush trees


The possibilities are endless and they make such a cute table display whether by themselves or in a village.

pastel bottle brush trees

What color will you dye your bottle brush trees??!!

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