DIY Snowflake Pillow Cover


 As part of my first ever Christmas Bedroom Makeover, I decided to fashion my own DIY Snowflake Pillow Covers. I apologize that I didn’t take pictures of the actual pillow cover process BUT it’s pretty simple, and if my instructions are confusing, there are a gazillion tutorials out there for Envelope Pillow Cases. The difference in mine is that I DON’T take any measurements. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Pillow Cover Instructions:

Lay your fabric out width-wise. Lay your pillow on top and fold the fabric over the pillow on the left side and the right side. Like you’re wrapping a present basically but make sure there are several inches of overlay. Then, I pin it in place where the fabric meets on top and cut the excess off. Then, I trim the edges of the fabric on the top and bottom of the pillow. I give it a about 2 inches extra on each end for sewing. Now, I’ll sew a hem on the pieces that are going on top of the pillow (the envelope parts).

Now wrap it around the pillow once more, making sure your raw hem is showing, pin it in place, slide the pillow out and then go sew your top and bottom together. Turn inside out and you’re done!

For my snowflake, I used a lightly glittered white felt sheet. I printed this snowflake template I found on google. I cut it out, traced it onto the felt and cut that out. I used fabric glue to attach them because I was too lazy to sew them on. That’s a lot of curves! Maybe another time.


DIY Snowflake Pillow Cover

And that’s it! So simple. I also made these Flannel Christmas Pillow Covers for my girls room using the same method. I found the templates on Google.





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