Reindeer Bow with The Ribbon Retreat


Reindeer Bow


Here comes another fun Bow Tutorial with The Ribbon Retreat!! It’s getting so close to Christmas but it’s never too late for an easy holiday Bow! And kids will absolutely LOVE this character bow! Instead of Rudolph, we decided to make little Rudolph a “girlfriend” so that this darling combination of pink and brown will match everyday outfits without it needing to be a “holiday outfit”! You can sneak in your festivity without even buying new clothes! Major win!

So here’s how she’s put together

First, pick out some fun polka dot ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat and ANXIOUSLY wait for it to arrive. I’ll admit I LOVE this part!

I started with a simple Figure 8 twist andhot glued them together.

Reindeer Bow

Make another one and hot glue them on top of each other.

Yes, I’m skipping the needle and thread this time…totally saving on time!

Reindeer Bow

Then I cut 3 strips of approx 6 inch ribbon.

Reindeer Bow

Then looped them into circles and hot glued them together. Make sure they are the same size so your reindeer face isn’t lopsided.


Next, layer them on top of eachother and glue. Yes, I’m aware the top ribbon is upside down (blush) but I originally glued them the other way and the ribbon slid crooked and dried before I could fix it! It’s not a big deal.

Reindeer Bow

Then come the fun! I cut out some antlers with brown felt and glued behind her ears. Then glue on some googly eyes & pompom nose. She’s officially coming to life!

Reindeer Bow

All you have left is to glue her to the ribbon and then add a darling bow so she’s nice and girly. And she’s officially ready to be shown off! My girls were so excited about this bow that they had to help with the entire process. They loved helping glue the eyes and nose on the most! So don’t be afraid to include the little ones on this one…they will be even more excited to parade it around in their hair!

Reindeer Bow

And don’t forget to get your ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat for the best selection around!



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