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Valentine Decor

Happy New Year! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve given the blog some lovin! Does anyone else sink into a post-Christmas hangover/coma in January? Ugh…it’s like prying me out of hibernation or something. But I’ve got some fabulous things coming up that I can’t wait to share! Let’s start with getting ready for the next holiday, Valentine’s Day!! Here’s what I’ve done with my decor shelf to make up a Valentine Mantle this year and I’ve included the links for all the DIY projects!

LOVE Glitter Sign

Valentine Bunting

For this easy Felt Pomp Heart Wreath, I used the same method that I did for my 4th of July wreath. You can watch the video segment on Studio 5 to see the details on how I made that. I just got a heart shaped foam wreath and used the same method! You can watch that segment here:


Patriotic Pomp Wreath

 And this is one of my most popular projects, my Ruffle Burlap Garland!

burlap ruffle garland

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