Easy DIY Valentine Tops




DIY Valentine Tops


Every year since the triplets were born, I’ve loved putting together simple and easy holiday outfits for them, and Valentine’s Day is no exception! I mean who can’t get enough of all the pinks and reds when you have 3 girls in the  home?! I certainly have no will power that’s for sure. This year I decided to come up with something simple. Like, REALLY simple. In fact, I pulled this baby off in less time than it took to watch an episode of Reign, AND I still had time to watch the mushy scenes. I call that a winna. So this is how easily you can make these DIY Valentine Tops.

What you’ll need:

A solid white tee (I got mine for $5 at Old Navy & they come in 7 colors so you can do this with multiple holidays/ideas!)

Valentine pattern fabric (mine is “Ta Dot” in Berry by Michael Miller)

Red Thread & Needles

1.Fold a piece of cardstock in half and trace half of a heart on the fold until it looks the way you want it. Just like in elementary school, folks! Then, cut it out to make your template. Unfold it to make sure it’s gonna have the shape you want and then fold it back.

2.Fold your fabric, place the fold of the template onto the fold of your fabric and trace! You could also unfold your heart, trace the entire heart on your fabric and then cut that out but it takes longer. I’m not that patient. I’m the gal that uses a hairdryer to dry paint, you guys.

3.Pin the fabric onto your shirt, making sure you slide your hand inside the shirt so that you aren’t pinning the top of your shirt to the back of your shirt!

4.Now, sew a tight zigzag stitch around the edges of the heart and of course make sure you are separating the front of the shirt from the back…you do NOT wanna sew your shirt together! Now, give it a little iron and voila! A happy little sweetheart will love showing this off! As you can see below!

DIY Valentine Tops





DIY Valentine Tops

DIY Valentine Tops

I hope you “loved” this simple tutorial and I love to see you pinning our fun projects! Thanks for stopping by!

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