Princess Peg Dolls

Princess Peg Dolls   A couple months before Christmas, I was looking for an easy DIY gift idea for my darling nieces. I’ve seen some super cute peg dolls around before and who doesn’t think that anything miniature is just irresistable?! Well I did, and I like to think I know my way around a paintbrush. So I knew I had to try and make my own Princess Peg Dolls! And for Pete’s sake this did not disappoint…it was more fun than I expected. I could seriously pick this up as a hobby! There’s something about having my way with a paintbrush that is just pure therapy to me!

Anyway, my search for any kind of decent unfinished peg doll in the craft stores was totally unsuccessful, so I went to the internet. What would we do without it, right?! I finally found a great deal at this little Etsy shop called Urban Homesteaders. il_570xN.225547196

    Then, I went a little crazy at Michael’s picking out and coordinating my favorite Martha Stewart paints to recreate these princess gowns! Again, more fun than I expected. I spent an inappropriate amount of time on the paint aisle. Go around me people, I’m in the zone.SONY DSC

And then I just went to town on it!! This is the part where you can really get creative. Taking bits and pieces of the princess dresses and other ideas you’ve seen to come up with your favorite looks! Forgive the bad lighting, we all know I do my best crafting when the little demons, I mean angels are snoring.

The white peg dolls at the bottom were extras that I ended up painting into little snowmen for Christmas decor.

Princess Peg Dolls

After they dried for a day, I gave them all a topcoat of Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer. The cute husband brought home the Matte version when I sent him to the store (again, he’s cute) but next time I will definitely use the gloss to give it more shine! But either way, I wouldn’t skip this step! It’s way too easy to scratch up the paint. You definitely wanna protect your masterpieces!


I  just love the way these turned out! I even made an extra set to give the triplets for their birthday! And they are so little and fun to play with. I love the simplicity and vintage feel of these dolls. Children don’t require glitzy gowns and fancy accessories in order to enjoy toys. I firmly believe that if you hand a child a piece of wood their little imaginations will still soar! I still have a thing for vintage Little People dolls from the 80′s and I’ve seen kids still play with them today…and those are some of the simplest dolls out there! So, what do YOU think??!!

Princess Peg Dolls

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