Valentine Arrow Treats

Valentine Arrow Treats


I just love Valentine’s Day! It’s been a weird time around our home the last month so I haven’t really thrown myself into some Lovey Dovey crafts until this week. But we have a lot of decor up around the house to help us remember to feel the love. During the week of Valentine’s Day, we like to do some fun things with our kids. Just small tokens of love to put some smiles on their faces! These Valentine Arrow Treats are such an easy idea to put together for the little sweethearts in your life!

This is what you’ll need:

Bag of White Mini Donuts

Pink & Red Paper Straws

Glitter Cardstock Paper OR add glue and glitter to any cardstock!


1. Push the straws through the holes in the donuts (this would be cute with donuts holes too!)

2.Cut out the front and back shapes of an arrow onto your glitter paper

3. Tape the straws to the paper!

See, now wasn’t that ridiculously easy?!

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