Easter Table Decor


After we moved from Utah to Florida last September, celebrating holidays without family was something I dreaded. There was a part of me that knew this was a wonderful opportunity to form our own little traditions and grow closer as a small family. I knew I would need to “make up” for the void so one thing I started doing was having Holiday Dinner Tables.

I’ve always decorated for the holidays and parties…but I wanted to take it a step further and make this an opportunity for a fun and family oriented setting. Dinner time means a lot to us. We are not an eat in front of the tv kind of family at all. We cherish our discussions around the dinner table even if the kids don’t always cooperate or get along. I often get comments trying to label me as an “overachiever” for putting together these dinner tables but don’t be fooled. I do everything as simple as possible! I do not plan weeks in advance and go shopping for my dinner table settings. The truth….

Here’s my “Trick”…I gather up a bunch of my holiday decor that I ¬†have up around the house and I piece it all together on my table. That’s it. Sometimes I grab chalkboards from around the house to write a quick quote. And I’ll grab my cake plates to add height to some of our dishes or decor. I grab whatever I can find for dishes. For Easter, I had some leftover green paper plates from the dollar store and I just layered them on top of our everyday white dishes.


Now, usually I don’t buy things just for our holiday dinner. BUT, with Easter I wanted it a little more special than our typical Valentines, St Patricks Day simplicity. I had some fun ideas in mind for our celebration so I made most of these little items with things I bought from Michaels Stores.


Song Eggs: I cut the green eggs our of cardstock scrapbook paper and the cute chalk egg clips were also from Michaels. But on the backside of them I wrote different Easter Hymns and Primary songs. Each person in the family took their turn turning theirs over and we would sing that song together as a family. It was so special and truly helped us feel and share the spirit of Easter at our table.




For the silverware setting, I just wrapped the utensils in a white paper napkin with a tiny bit of burlap and tied with green twine. These were all items I had on hand already.



This next one is a total cheat!!! I love to bake…everyone knows that. I have a baking business for crying out loud. But every once in a while we all need to cheat. There is a lot going on with Easter and this year we had things to cook and bake for our church Easter breakfast and Egg Hunt the day before, plus it was Lds General Conference weekend so I usually put a lot of fun activities together for the kids to do while they watch. And I really wanted to dedicate time to watch the conference stress free. So I cooked breakfast, lunch & dinner but left the dessert to the local grocer!! I LOVE carrot cake so that’s what I chose and then I took some of the frosting off, added my own home made cream cheese frosting and gave it a little makeover!





Looks delicious right? Trust me it was! Good enough to even nibble on for breakfast the next morning. Shame I know.

Here are some of my other last minute holiday tables I threw together this year!

St Patricks Day Dinner

Valentine BreakfastValentine's Day Breakfast


So these are some of my simple tricks for creating a special holiday dinner table with little work and a lot of wow and memories from the family!

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