4th Of July Shelf Decor


4th of July Shelf Decor

Hey there! I apologize for being so MIA lately on the blog. But rest assured I’ve been keeping busy and I’m excited to share what I’ve been up to! This 4th of July shelf decor is just one of many things I’ve been crushing on lately. We love summertime and celebrating Independence Day. The smell of hotdogs in the air and country music on the radio…you just can’t be unhappy with all that going on!

I have been playing with Heidi Swapp’s Marquee Letters lately and I decided I had to put something patriotic together. If you haven’t played with these idiot-proof DIY Marquee Letters you can get your ┬áhands on them at Michaels! I just love Heidi Swapp. Her creative vision and style is so inspiring! There’s not a collection of hers that I DON’T love!


So this is what I picked out. Some patriotic scrap paper and I already had glitter at home.

4th of July Shelf Decor

But Heidi already has simplified it even more by putting together papers, glitters and washi tape on the stand that you can pick from! There are even colored bulbs to pick from. Here’s what the stand looks like in the store.


This is what my letters look like close up. I grabbed some old baseballs from my sons bedroom decor and displayed them in glass jars with red hydrangeas also from Michael’s. The flag banner is made from burlap.

4th of July Shelf Decor

Here are some other fun things you can do with the Marquee Letters!

HS_MarqueeLoveIntro images




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