DIY Felt Ball Wreath

DIY Felt Ball Wreath

I think Felt Balls are one of the cutest new trends out there. During Christmastime I loved stringing festive holiday felt ball garlands all over my house for the cutest touch! But after seeing several bright and colorful felt ball wreaths, I decided to have a try at my own DIY Felt Ball Wreath, neutral style of course so it will match everything if I hang it inside or it can stay up on the front door inbetween the holidays!

Here’s what I did. I bought a round foam wreath from the craft store. And I believe this one was the 15 inch one. Then I ordered felt balls from Now, I expected to cover my wreath with about 200 balls but it ended up needing closer to 400. Eeek. Unfortunately, the cost ended up being more than I wanted but the wreath was halfway done so I had to suck it up to finish it. NEXT time, I would either order a bigger sized felt ball so that I don’t need so many…OR find a better deal for a large quantity…OR make the felt balls myself. The latter is probably what I would do. In fact, I’ve recently learned how to make my own felt balls and although it might take a while to make that many, it might be worth the savings and it makes for a fun afternoon project! I will make sure I post a tutorial for those when I make them but for now, you can find a good tutorial on making homemade felt balls HERE. And you can get wool felt at the craft store, online stores, wholesale websites and even!


Once you have your felt balls, it’s pretty easy peasy from there. Even your kids can help you with this one as long as you handle the glue gun. Just start gluing them down and voila!

DIY Felt Ball Wreath


And that’s all there is to it. I didn’t glue felt balls all the way around the back because I wanted to save on felt balls and I also wanted it to lie more flat. It turned out just the way I imagined. Do yourself a favor and do a Google Image search to see more colorful combinations that you can try out!

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