DIY 4th of July Tablecloth-for Kids!

DIY 4th of July   Patriotic crafts always seem to be some of the funnest and easiest crafts for kids! Half the time you just stick something red, white and blue together and it works! Genius. This year we got even sloppier and decided to save a few toilet paper rolls and try out something we’ve seen before on Pinterest! Only, we turned it into a DIY 4th of July Tablecloth that the kids could be proud to display for the holiday weekend. It also makes a fantastic last-minute idea if you’re looking for something to keep the kids occupied.

All that’s required for this project is:

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls


Red, White & Blue craft paints

Butcher paper DIY 4th of July     You use the scissors to cut up one end of the toilet paper roll into “splits” and then bend back those splits to form your firework stamp!   DIY 4th of July   Just dip them into the paint and stamp away! Sometimes it’s hard to keep the littles from meshing all the colors together and creating “purple fireworks” but it’s worth it to keep the colors as separated as possible for that Patriotic affect!   DIY 4th of July DIY 4th of July     I apologize for my orphan looking children but in this house we paint in our underpants…well, except for me. Although I’ve been caught in the act a time or two. DIY 4th of July DIY 4th of July   We’ve layered our table cloth over some cute red polka dot paper since the butcher paper isn’t quite wide enough to cover the table. You can use any tablecloth or wrapping paper for this too! DIY 4th of July   I  hope you enjoyed this fun little idea that my kids had a blast with. It’s always fun to give these summer-crazed kids something to do to get them involved in this wonderful holiday whether you’re going out or staying home! Have fun!

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