Easy Thankful Sign

I’ve been swooning over the many Thanksgiving signs showing up all over the internet, especially in Etsy shops! I really admire and appreciate the talents of these creative artists, but sometimes I just can’t afford things that I know I can make myself for a fraction of the price (and get some much needed crafting therapy in!). Plus, who doesn’t appreciate a handmade touch? Here’s my attempt at a knockoff Thankful Sign.


I happened to have some scrap wood hanging out in the garage (as usual) and found a piece that was perfect! I believe this was a 2×8 piece cut down to around 24 inches?

After giving it a good stain with Dark Walnut, I taped off the edges to create my faux frame. I love the look of the framed signs so I decided to make a faux version.


I painted inside the tape with a couple coats of white craft paint, immediately removed the tape and let it all dry. Then I took a pencil and lightly started sketching out the word I wanted. I erased it many times to get it just right but I think it gives it more personality to hand write it yourself. If you have a great template to follow or a good font that you can print out on a cricut, then by all means go for it!


I traced over my pencil with a black chalk marker that I had, but you could use any paint pen or even a thick sharpie. In the end the look is really the same! So what do you think??? Worth the 30 minutes? Absolutely!


To see the tutorial for my easy Thanksgiving Corn Husk Garland click HERE!!

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