DIY Birch Candles

It’s been such a long time between posts for me. I feel like I need to just revamp my entire blog to explain what my life has been like the last couple of years with Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and Spine pain. But it would be so boring!!! So instead, I’m going to fight the fight and put on my big girl pants and work daily to get back to nurturing my blog with the projects I still work on at home. I love to create. I love the holidays. And I’m feeling inspired to share what I’ve been up to lately to add magic to my home for less. I’ve decided to start off with my DIY Birch Candles.



Last year I bought these birch logs last year . You can’t get these logs many places. I believe I got mine through Williams & Sonoma last year but you can find them at Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Target sometimes too. Here is a link to them at Walmart as well. They came in a bundle of three 18 inch logs. I decided to share them with a friend and we cut the 3 logs into enough pieces for each of us to have 6 of them for our table planter box centerpieces!

This is what they looked like after the cut and they sat like this all last season.


I’ve seen birch candles all over and I had wanted them for years. But everytime I saw them online, the cost was just gross! So I hiked up my crafter pants and decided I could pull it off myself. Even if it did take me a year to finish. I’m not perfect people. (insert sympathetic laugh and forgiveness)

This year, we finally got the holes drilled, thanks to a friend that had the perfect drill bit! Here’s what the little ladies looked like before going under the knife.


This is the drill bit we used. ┬áIt’s a 1.5 inch Spade Drill Bit. And this is the hubby taking matters into his own hands. Have I mentioned how glad I am that I have him? He’s kind of amaze balls for always helping me create things out of thin air.



In action…


Oh that cute sawdust on his toes just gets me going. Did I say that out loud?

img_7955Next, I had purchased a box of tea light candles and let me tell you. This box has 100 tea lights in it and that’s absolutely perfect. Enough for me to replace these all season. Enough for me to replace for years. Enough to use for OTHER projects.

They fit like a glove. That’s the work of a handy carpenter husband. We have enjoyed many candlelit dinners already with these. My children love it, even if they do “accidentally” blow them out 3 or 4 times during dinner. But it creates a sense of peace around our dinner table that I love to just sink into this time of year. I love to turn ALL of our lights off and just leave the Christmas Trees and Christmas garland to light the house along with these candles. We have enough that you truly can see all around with our lights. I call it the magical Christmas Glow. And I wish it would last all year long!!




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