Handmade Nativity Tree

It really does feel like the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is a time for so many celebrations and traditions. Keeping the Christ in Christmas is our first priority and this year we decided to add something special to our home. We put together a Christmas Tree that we are calling our “Jesus Tree”. I got the idea from a good friend of mine and it nestled in my heart. This tree will serve as a reminder each time we walk by it that our Savior is the reason we rejoice this time of year. What makes our Jesus tree even more humble is that most of the ornaments are handmade. I’m going to share with you the simple and affordable ways I put together our Handmade Nativity Tree.


Stable Ornament

For this ornament, I purchased the medium size popsicle sticks from the craft store. I stained both sides with a light coating of Jacobean Stain.


After they dried, I glued them together the way I liked with a hot glue gun and then glued a Glitter star on top. To make the star,  I purchased a bag of wooden stars and wiped mod podge on before dipping in thick gold glitter!



Next, I made these Baby Jesus ornaments last year to give as neighbor/visiting teaching gifts. They were so easy that I ended up teaching the ladies at church how to make these as one of our Super Saturday crafts!


What You’ll Need:

3 inch grapevine wreaths (found here)

3/4 inch wooden beads (without the holes)

Quilt Batting

1.5 inch Wooden Star

Mod Podge

Gold or Silver Glitter

Hot Glue Gun

Twine or ribbon

It’s pretty self explanatory. You just want to make sure you glitter your star first and glue that on with a glue gun so that you don’t end up with a crooked part of the wreath to glue it on later.

Next, glue your wooden bead just to the left of the center and in the inner circle of the wreath.

Then, you’ll wrap a ball of batting in your hand and glue that really well in many places to the inner circle of the wreath.

Last, you’ll take some twine, make a loop and you’re done!


Clothes Pin Holy Family Ornament

This one is extremely simple! I just glued a couple of clothes pins together. I have one turned with the split showing so that it represents Joseph! Then I glued a small wooden peg person and tied some twine around. They needed something else so naturally I put some glitter on them.



Names of Jesus Christ

This is another one I made last year. I found these black chalk cardboard star ornaments at Michaels and decided to turn them into a cute tag. We had a church Christmas party to decorate for so I tied them around mason jars with twine. Instead of using chalk markers, I used a white gel pen so that these would be permanent! I just wrote down all of my favorite “names” for Jesus Christ. Super Easy!



Framed Savior Art

This next one just might be my favorite. We wanted pictures of Christ on the tree and we happen to have a couple hundred pass along cards at home. We love to take these when we go out shopping or on vacations or to big events and give them to people or hide them in places like restrooms or merchandise at the store. We have one that offers a free DVD about Jesus Christ and one that offers a Free Book of Mormon. We have a good time!


I found these tiny unfinished frames at Michaels and stained them. Then I cut the pass along card to size and hot glued it.


If you’re interested in ordering your own pass along cards to hand out, to look at or to make something out of, you can find several varieties at this link and they come in a very affordable pack of 100. We love to use them as bookmarks in our home! (Pass along cards link)

Jesus in the Manger

This last one was also pretty easy and turned out adorable! I just wrapped the same wooden beads (above) in a square of white felt and glued in place. Then I made a stack of raffia and tied the baby on top with twine. And DONE!


We do have a set of purchased ornaments on the tree now that I have added. They were really affordable ($11 for 12 ornaments). But my favorite thing about them is that they were made in the Holy Land with real Olive Tree Wood. The purchases support small business owners in the Holy Land that make these by hand. So it feels so genuine and sacred to have some ornaments from the Holy Land itself. Here’s the link for those. (Olive Tree Ornaments)


I feel like most of these ornaments can be made with the kids, so it’s a great craft to get them involved and I think these make great gifts and wrapping toppers! I hope you enjoyed our new Jesus Tree as much as we do. You can’t help but feel the spirit when you are around it. I hope your season is filled with the Light of the Savior as well.



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