Seahawks Christmas Tree

This year, I decided to change our son’s Christmas tree to something that would not allow make him happy and reflect his interests, but conveniently match his bedroom! The last couple of years I had a woodland style tree in his room and he had Red Christmas Moose sheets and Red curtains. This year it was so much easier because I didn’t have to change anything in his room. Even though that can be exciting, I was looking for a way out of washing more sheets. Sorry, but laundry is my nemesis.  If I can’t keep the underwear clean in this house there’s no way sheets have a chance. Kayson’s favorite (and basically our whole family) football team is the Seattle Seahawks. Major fans here. I knew we already had some gear on hand so it was simple coming up with a Seahawks Christmas Tree theme!

First, I pulled out our Christmas boxes and used any lime green ornaments I could find. Then I searched my ribbon/burlap box and found some lime and navy ribbon I previously purchased with the intent of making a Seahawks wreath for our front door last year. Thank goodness for unfinished projects right?

We ordered a few fabulous Seahawks ornaments from the internet, threw his Seahawks Helmet on as a topper and one of his Seahawks throw blankets underneath the tree for a skirt. It was so much fun!!!



I got the Seahawks Candy Cane ornaments here

And the Seahawks round ball ornaments here . 


If you have a team your children love I would highly recommend putting together a simple tree with their team colors if nothing else. It’s so fun and exciting for the kids and there are many things you can find online for free to print and make your own ornaments if you don’t have any team merchandise yet. We have a Seahawks football as well that I tried to put in the tree but I couldn’t get it to stay. Too big!

To make things more exciting, we’ve decided each year to add one more Seahawks ornament to the tree since there are so many awesome Seahawks ornaments out there! I hope you take on the challenge to get creative with your children and make some fun themed trees in their rooms that reflect their personalities. If you do, please tag me on Instagram! Get creative and have fun!


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