Triplets Bedroom Makeover


  BEFORE:     AFTER:     This post is about 10 months late. But since we are moving out of our darling little home, I figured it was about time to share my FAVORITE room in the house.   I had a blast putting together our triplets’ nursery when they were born and my… 

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Dollar Store Candy Jars & Valentine Mantle


  I love fancy candy jars. I’ve invested in a few apothecary jars over the years and something tragic always happens to them. Cracks here and there or complete catastrophic 6 foot falls off of a shelf because I grab for things like a blind woman. But as I was browsing through the local Dollar Tree… 

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Dollar Store Holiday Glasses


There’s not much to this tutorial. It’s about as simple and easy as it looks! I wanted to add some cute holiday glasses to my new DIY plate collection that I could also use for Thanksgiving. Dollar Tree had simple glasses with a gold rim and I decided to take a gold paint marker to add some… 

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