Christmas Dresses


 One beautiful blessing that has come from having triplets is that I have gained so many talents that I didn’t know I had. Talent is a funny word…because to me it’s just a learned skill, really. I wouldn’t say that I’m “talented” but after all the hard work and effort put into it, I like to chalk… 

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DIY Glitter Wine Glasses


 This Christmas was full of homemade DIY gift giving. And I have to admit, as you may have read on my Instagram..I learned so much from our “homemade” Christmas. Not only was it special because it had a tender and personal touch, but I gained a personal and spiritual insight from  the experience. I really… 

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Oh Christmas Everywhere!


Oh that magical magical day that you put up your Christmas Tree…and you let the littles decorate the BACKSIDE, Monica style (From Friends).   Oh yes, that’s how we do it in the Hunt House. Originally, I was stunned to find out that my husband actually LIKED decorating the tree. That was a new one for… 

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