DIY 10 Minute Patriotic Flip Flops


Ok friends, this little project is such a breeze that it really doesn’t deserve it’s own “tutorial”. Let’s face it, most of us have tried our hand at making Rag Flip Flops before…so it’s nothing new and fancy. But I think simple projects like these shouldn’t be forgotten!   Patriotic outfits are one of my… 

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Dollar Store Candy Jars & Valentine Mantle


  I love fancy candy jars. I’ve invested in a few apothecary jars over the years and something tragic always happens to them. Cracks here and there or complete catastrophic 6 foot falls off of a shelf because I grab for things like a blind woman. But as I was browsing through the local Dollar Tree… 

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DIY Glitter Wine Glasses


 This Christmas was full of homemade DIY gift giving. And I have to admit, as you may have read on my Instagram..I learned so much from our “homemade” Christmas. Not only was it special because it had a tender and personal touch, but I gained a personal and spiritual insight from  the experience. I really… 

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Dollar Store Holiday Glasses


There’s not much to this tutorial. It’s about as simple and easy as it looks! I wanted to add some cute holiday glasses to my new DIY plate collection that I could also use for Thanksgiving. Dollar Tree had simple glasses with a gold rim and I decided to take a gold paint marker to add some… 

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