DIY Felt Food Tea Party


Have you seen the darling toy craze with felt food? I’m in love. Here’s why. It’s safe, so you don’t have to worry about sharp edges, swallowing or even breakable items. I love that with embellished details the food looks so fancy and cute! The best part? YOU CAN MAKE IT YOURSELF! No really…this is absolutely… 

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DIY Crochet Lace Shorts Knock-off


  One of my favorite fashion trends right now is the Crochet Lace Short. Have you seen them? Crazy darling!! And even though I don’t wear shorts that short, I have 3 toddler girls that can totally pull them off!   You can get a pretty good deal on them if you happen to catch… 

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Christmas Dresses


 One beautiful blessing that has come from having triplets is that I have gained so many talents that I didn’t know I had. Talent is a funny word…because to me it’s just a learned skill, really. I wouldn’t say that I’m “talented” but after all the hard work and effort put into it, I like to chalk… 

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