About Me

They call me Jess…


I’m a simple person really. I love my family, my beliefs, playing with a glue gun, getting paint on my fingers and frosting in my hair. And more importantly I love sharing it with anyone that thinks I’m interesting enough to listen to!

Wife: I love being a wife to my honey, Erik. And he is my #1 supporter and handyman! He spends way too much time running to buy wood for me and he’s a fabulous carpenter. I fear my building list for him will never end! And he knows way too much about running to the store to buy last minute cake supplies for me. He’s my partner in crime, my best friend, my forever. And he’s hot. :)


Mother: I am a mother to 4 amazing little children. Our son is 7 and when he was 4 we had a set of triplet girls that are now 3 yr olds! Yes, I have THREE 3 yr olds! When they joined our family I learned God had a lot in store for us and that we were destined for greater things. We found out we were more capable than we knew. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s been an adventure we have TRULY loved, enjoyed and grown from. My children are my inspiration for basically everything I do and they give me the desire to better myself. They have been the reason I had such a desire to find alternative ways to afford and enjoy the things we like on a budget. I learned to bake because of them. I learned to sew because of them. And I smile and laugh every day because of them.


Believer: I believe in being true to yourself, good to others and faithful to God. I have found so much joy with service, humility and gratitude in my life. I believe that families are forever and should be the center and focus of our lives. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I love sharing my beliefs with others and the happiness it has brought me. You can learn more about my beliefs HERE.


Friend: I love…LOVE making new friends because there is ALWAYS something you can find in common and new things you can learn from one another. I love finding friends that will chat with me over a guilt-free soda, escape for a bite and text me randomly about our guilty pleasure tv shows.

I love:

A good gyro

anything lemon

Friends Show

Hair, Makeup and Fashion


Period Shows/Movies

The 90′s

the beach

the spa

holding hands

staying up late and sleeping in

taking long baths


a bright home